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“Increase the performance of your PCs with BIOS settings. ” The BIOS – Basic Input Output System – is software on the mainboard of your computer. It ensures that the hardware components of it work and interact flawlessly. When the pc starts, the BIOS calls up the OS . You can check or adjust settings via menu. Even minimal adjustments you […]

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A simple daily workout routine can help to boost your health. you can add few of exercises, either strength training, cardio, or stretches. Before you’ll plan what kind of exercises you’ll involve yourself in . Once you start working out daily, you’ve got to require note of the considerations of a workout program. the things to contemplate on include : Your Targets Every daily […]


Google Pagespeed Insights: Website Speed really matters. According to Google PageSpeed Lighthouse If your website first content paint isn’t under 1 sec then it is considered as slow. Your website speed also affects your SEO . Visitors always prefer fast website speed. You can test your website speed at Google Pagespeed insights tools . What […]
छायावाद युग एवं प्रसाद वांग्मय कीसर्वोत्कृष्ट रचना कामायनी का श्रद्धा सर्ग जीवनदर्शन तथा विचार वैभव की दृष्टि से अपना विशेष महत्व रखता है। श्रद्धा कामायनी का ही दूसरा नाम हैजिसे आलोच्य महाकाव्य की नायिका,मनु की प्रेरणा,जीवन का श्रद्धा तत्व आदि रूपों में देखा गया है।महाप्रलय की गहन घटा में चिन्तालीन एवं निराश बैठे मनु के […]



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