How to improve self confidence

Self confidence is nothing but believe in someone’s own ability.

It’s all about how you see yourself in the presence of others. Your confidence level defines your personality.Self-confidence also brings about greater happiness. Commonly, when you are assured to your abilities you are happier due to your successes. When you are feeling higher about your talents, the more energized and prompted you are to take action and obtain your desires.


Reason of  low self confidence



If you are over thinker you start assuming unnecessary things like what  would people think of you. What would be their perception About you and so many hypothetical things pop-up in your mind. This overthinking  pulls you back  and restrict your performance.

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I am giving you an example which is going to make things more Clear for you. A 4 or 5 year old child never feels shy of doing anything of their interest. For them there is no concept of being confident or under-confident. They have nothing to do with what people will think about them. Here I’m not convincing you to behave like a child It’s just you should not overthink all the time.

 Lack of knowledge

Always keep in mind you can not master in each and every field. People feel under-confident as they realize they don’t have knowledge in particular field. For example If you are  in a party and all your friends are talking about something you have never heard of, Or about some cuisine you’ve never tasted,In that situation you should not feel down, actually try to learn from them.

Dressing sense

Your dressing sense is something which gives your first impression. It has been observed that people with poor dressing sense feel under-confident So choose your dresses wisely. When you wear your favorite dress you’d have noticed It gives you a different level of happiness. So whenever you are going for an important event make sure your dressing is good enough.

Fear of failure

Sometimes fear of failure scares people this much that they don’t even dare to take a step towards success. Just for example If you won’t fill form for examination how would you crack it?
So it’s very important that you should prepare yourself for both the scenario whether it is triumph or failure. Failure is not something we should Shame about it’s just part of life.

Life experience

In so many cases it’s been observed that low self confidence in a person develop because of their previous life experiences. For a example If a child is being bullied, In future this child  may develop low self-esteem problem. This is because he has developed a sense of inferiority by being bullied for a long time. In that situation it’s responsibility of their parents or loved ones to make him feel comfortable and Optimistic towards life.

Tips to Enhance Self confidence

Constantly worrying about not being perfect enough can lead to depression and other anxiety disorders so it is very important to overcome this before it is too late.

You can certainly develop some confidence inside you by following given tips.

Face your fear


If you are afraid of  attending parties or events because you feel you are not  successful or intelligent enough in comparison of others. First thing I would suggest you to never miss even a single chance of attending a party. Go and meet with different different people it will definitely help you in developing your personality and always try to grab whatever positive attitude you see in people.

Increase your observation power

The more you observe the more you learn. It is very important to learn something from others in order to improve yourself. It is observed that all the successful persons are good observers. An observant character simply takes in more records of what’s happening around him. The more records you’ve got, the better geared up you are.

Start writing journal

Journal writing is always a powerful and accessible tool for building self confidence.often, we focus only on what went wrong or what needs to be improved, but it’s important to identify what went right each day.
Write about your positive side and whenever you feel down read it again and again.It will make you realize your worth.

Do friendship with mirror

Go in front of a mirror and talk to yourself so that you know where improvements are needed. You can observe your body language and then try to improve it.mirror is gonna help you a hell lot in enhancing your self confidence.

Deal with criticism


Use complaint as a mastering revel in. Everybody sees the world in another way, from their very own angle, and what works for one character won’t work for any other. Criticism is just the opinion of somebody else. Be assertive whilst receiving criticism, don’t respond in a shielding manner or let complaint decrease your shallowness. Concentrate to the criticism and make sure which you understand what is being said so you can use criticism as a way to learn and improve.

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