Corona Tests Your Mental Strength

Covid 19 (corona) affect you not only physically but mentally and emotionally too. After testing positive most of the people develop unnecessary anxiety. This anxiety is not because of the mild or moderate symptoms of corona but because of fear of death.In mild case corona is just like influenza you may have fever cough sore throat which is not something we need to think much about Otherwise but As you get to know It’s none other than corona your anxiety starts increasing which results in high blood pressure level and it may create so many other problems. It’s Your mind only which makes you sick more than actually you are.

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Now the main concern is how to be calm if tested positive for Covid 19

Here I’m going to share you some tips which really worked on me when I was fighting with corona. My whole family infected with corona all of them had mild symptoms but I was having breathing difficulties apart from fever and sore throat.As I realized I’m having difficulty in breathing first thing which I said to my mind is “don’t panic”.

There are so many negative thoughts comes after watching news which hit you really hard so I stopped watching or reading anything related to corona.

As I was in home Isolation I was free to do anything of my interest but my health was not that well so that I could do anything So I started listening some Indian mantras like “Mahamrityunjaya Mantra“.It really calms your mind and soul.

I must say meditation has power to heal your body faster than ever.I had never done meditation in my entire life but during this phase I started meditating for 20 minutes regularly.

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Another thing which I used to do regularly was breathing exercise.It strengths your lungs.Even though you are not feeling shortness of breath give 15 minutes to this exercise.It will help you in speedy recovery.You can do humming exercise also.

Don’t Isolate yourself from social media.

In this pandemic even government is advising people to isolate themselves and stay in home quarantine but it doesn’t mean you isolate yourself from your digital life
There are so many people who get frustrated after catching infection And cut off themselves from social media and stop talking with there friends & family. you need to be mentally and emotionally strong during this phase. So talk with your well wishers it will definitely divert your mind. I am blessed to have some really good friends who helped me a lot during my hard days.

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Make your Willpower strong

you can defeat any disease if your will power is strong enough. Forget for a while that corona is fatal and give it proper treatment According to the symptoms. Always keep in mind there are so many people of even 90+ age has already defeated corona and recovered completely. Convince your mind that If there only 1% Chances of survival you will survive, Thankfully here it is more than 90%.

Things you can do during Home quarantine.

It takes about 14 days to get rid off virus so you can not waste your time by thinking all the time about corona, its severe effects and all that.

Utilize this quarantine period and give yourself a virtual tour.Watch some amazing videos of places where you want to go.It will definitely give you a reason to survive and it will fill your soul with energy and enthusiasm.

Watch all the movies you always wanted to watch but because of lack of the time you didn’t.

Music definitely has capacity to soothe your mind. So keep your mind engaged with music .

Last but not least Have faith in almighty

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Comments to: Corona Tests Your Mental Strength
  • August 8, 2020

    as I know you are a girl who’s has learned something from all the challenges of life. All My well wishes for you😌

  • August 8, 2020

    Should be mentioned “Ex-Covid infected” 😂😂😂. As an Author’s tag line.

    Jokes Apart Baccha, Thumbs up for you to manage this pandemic situation.

  • August 8, 2020

    Thanku yamini for sharing ur valuable experience on covid19,its really motivates me and give me a ray of hope in this dark phase of pandemic .you r a true fighter 💜

  • August 16, 2020

    You go girl!!!!!!! ❤❤
    More power to you ❤


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