Personal Effectiveness and Self Management

Management is not only about the art of getting things done through others but it also includes the work done should be in effective and efficient manner which means our work should be completed while using minimum possible resources.

Life Management

Working efficiently is very important in every field for example- Neel and Nitin are two employees working in the same organization both got the same work to reach the target of manufacturing 50 chairs per day.

Both of them completed it but now the question arises which one among them did it in a very efficient way? The person who done minimum wastage and proper usage of all the given resources will be the one who did that work in an efficient way.

Life is management it has merits and demerits as well we manage things out weather we are working in any organization or not. So it’s really important for us to have some detailed study of what you are working and what you want to achieve so that you can do it in the most efficient manner.

Life at times presents unpleasant situations where the ability to tolerate or accept may not be sufficient. We need to step up and face them with courage.

Why do we find it so hard to create positive circumstances, a positive future in our life? So, here are a few basic things that you should take care of in your life.

  1. Clear perspective about things-
    Not everyone has a clear perspective on life, but experiencing the journey in your life will help you to gain more confidence and to see things clearly. Therefore having a clear perspective about things will automatically help us to take major decisions in our life.
  2. Backup plans-
    Having one plan to target is good but have you thought about the next step if you are unable to achieve those targets with the given time? You plan your day by making a to-do-list, Just like any organization does.
    So, while setting targets we should always have back up plans.
  3. Learn from your previous mistakes-
    Nobody is perfect, it’s common for everyone to do a mistake, but the one who learns from that mistake and keeps that in mind to avoid any future inconvenience is the one who gets success in their life. Don’t let past mistakes or failures define who you are so make a list in the night of mistakes committed in the entire day and prevent their re-occurrence the next day.
  4. Communicate better-
    In my previous blog of communication, it was already mentioned that there are certain barriers that affect communication between two-person due to some unavoidable reasons. We should be aware of those barriers and learn to communicate better by taking care of such things.
  5. Using time wisely-
    A beautiful and important purpose of our lives is to make every day important and worthwhile and also make sure that each moment of our lives is to spend on valuable methods. Just living from dusk till dawn with no major purpose is almost living like machines, just performing and repeating those actions daily. So, we should try and focus to spend our leisure time learning new things about our interests.
  6. Deadlines- In businesses, we set deadlines to meet the desired result effectively while using minimum possible resources because businesspeople say that setting deadlines is important for entrepreneurs to be successful with their endeavors. Life also has some goals, to achieve those goals we must set deadlines because clear deadlines are very beneficial for the long term success of any initiative. Deadlines are mainly essential for projects with goals and ambitions to achieve in the long run.

~vedika Parashar

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