Lobzang Zotpa and his inspiring story

Education is that thing which helps in the personal development of ourselves, it plays a major role in fulfilling dreams in our life. It is really important for everyone to acquire relevant knowledge. Education, one or the other way, is very beneficial to get success in our life.


However, there are few people who, due to some reasons (financial issues, orthodox thinking), are unable to give proper education to their children. Besides, few among them indulge their child in illegal activities. Recently, I heard about a Buddhist monk named Lobzang Zotpa from Ladakh who shaped the future of more than 1000 underprivileged students.

Zotpa was born in an impoverished family of farmers in Panamik Village of Nubra Valley. At the age of 10, he expressed his wish to become a monk at a friary. He completed his matriculation from a Buddhist Institute and was sent to Varanasi for his higher studies. He taught Hindi and Bodhi at Lamdon Model School in Leh for a few years. He was able to cover all his education and other basic expenses with the given income.

He realized that there were lots of Children near Nubra Valley whose families are not capable to send their child to school. That really prompted him to give close attention to each student living there and later he decided to open a School in Nubra.

Well, opening a school was not an easy task for him. But still, he initiated and discussed his idea with all the residents in that village. Residents there were excited too. They were very kind and appreciated the idea of giving education to underprivileged children.

They offered him an acre of land to set up a school. He went door to door for some funds to start the construction of that school. Everyone helped him in one or the other way; some helped him by providing him required construction materials like sand, wood, stone, etc.

The rest of them helped him financially by donating money anywhere between Rs.10 to Rs.50. Poor quality roads and transportation infrastructure were also the main problems. So for that too, he reached the residents of the Nubra and sought help. People there helped him by giving tractor and camels for transporting construction material from one place to another.

Seeing his dedication, armed officers came and gave their army trucks so that the construction material goes to the place as soon as possible.

That’s how he managed to construct a school with two rooms, but no money was left with him. He was unable to fix windows and doors on those rooms. So to protect those children from extreme cold and unpleasant weather, he used discarded parachutes of armed forces to cover all the windows with it.

Years passed and changes occurred. Now residentially 80 students can stay there. This school now helps around more than 350 underprivileged students to get themselves educated.

Personally, for me, Lobzang Zotpa Ji set a relatively great example for those who really desire to do social kind of service related to a child’s education for the betterment of society. So if someone really wishes he/she can take inspiration from him.

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