Some time ago I uploaded a photo on Instagram stating, “In India, a 6-inch gap between Saree and Blouse is called as ‘Culture’. But an inch gap between Jeans and Top is called ‘Besharmi’!”

Many people had commented on this post as well.
Almost all comments were positive but, only one person’s comment was very negative…

He said, “Besharam” to me…
I asked him, “why are you calling me besharam???”…
He said, “Wearing a short dress is shameless… You wear short clothes because you want to show your body to boys and seduce them… ”

Saree and Blouse

I was speechless at that time.
And I didn’t even want to argue with him, actually his thinking was very cheap, why should I waste my time behind him ?

But Today, I saw on TV that a village girl named ‘Manisha’ was brutally raped.
She neither wore short clothes nor showed any body part,
Neither she seduced a boy nor tried to mislead anyone at the wrong gestures,
She was just a 19 year old little girl!!!
Still she was raped!!!


If the girls are wearing a short dress and the boys get seduced by it, then the problem is in the boy’s mind and their perspective,
Not in how the girls dress…

Cases in India

Note : This post is not aimed at condemning Indian culture or hurting anyone’s feelings or protesting against boys. Through this post, I just want to ask a question to those who think this way…

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Comments to: Why???
  • October 3, 2020

    You written very well , but there is some filth in society. It’s not that everyone’s mindset is the same .

    • October 3, 2020

      Completely agree with uh sir


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