Aaj ki ye phone and social media addicted duniya me agar aapko jaanana hai ke kiske lie aap sab se jyada khas ho aur aapke lie kaun sab se jyada khas hai, to ye jaanana itna mushkil nahi hai…

Bs ek pura din apna phone band kar dijie… Phone aur social media dono se disconnect ho jaie ek din ke lie…

Jab aap apna phone on kare, net on kare aur aapki nazare sabse pehle jis person ke message ko dhundhne lage aur sab ke messages ko ignore kar, bs us bande ki chat open kare na, THAT’S THE ONE!

Wahi aapke lie sab se jyada khas hai…

Aur jis bande ya bandi ke bahot sare calls pade ho, messenges pade ho ya shayad tension me wo aapke ghar tak b aa gaya ho, to bs uske lie aap sab se jyada khas ho…

Agar aapke lie jo khas ho wo banda aur jiske lie aap khas ho wo banda, dono same hai then congratulations!!! You’re lucky one…

But agar dono alag alag bande hai na to kuchh bhi soche bina jiske lie aap khas ho, jisko aapki jyada parwah ho na uske paas hi jaaiega… He or she will never hurt you or your feelings!!!

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  • October 2, 2020

    Hey I regularly read the articles from here . The title of your article pulled me here. But i’m unable to understand because the content is not in English. Can you please write your article in English. If you write in English it would be great. Thank you


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