Time left, let’s watch Television. Now this happens in many families

I meet so many people who see how one can watch so much television and such people are also in my family. Here in lockdown, the addiction of television has increased slightly among people.

I have seen it so many times that after watching the news, people start switching channels on television and waste their good time. Addiction is not just about smartphones and the Internet, but it can also be of TV.


A friend of mine keeps watching TV day and night. Sometimes TV and sometimes Netflix and here too, if time is saved, YouTube is there . After meeting so many people, I have decided why not write an article about how to get rid of TV addiction ? So today I’ll tell you about the addiction of TV and I’ll also discuss how to get rid of it.

Television addiction may be a proposed addiction model related to maladaptive or compulsive behavior related to watching television programming. the foremost recent medical review on this model concluded that pathological television watching behavior may constitute a real behavioral addiction, but indicated that far more research on this subject is required to demonstrate this.

The compulsion are often extremely difficult to regulate in many cases.The television addiction model has parallels to other sorts of behavioral addiction, like addiction to drugs or gambling, which also are sorts of compulsive behavior.

Television addiction has become a norm, especially with the power to binge watch endless television shows or films because of the invention of satellite and cable TV; enabling us to settle on from many different channels.

Though television in moderation is not harmful, too much viewing can severely impact your life.  an excessive amount of viewing can severely impact your life. Watching excessive TV may result in eating an excessive amount of unhealthy foods, lack of exercise, neglecting work and/or relationships. you’ll break this bad habit and reduce the quantity of TV you watch by finding other activities to interact in, ablation TV gradually if you merely want to limit your usage or completely cut the habit from your life.

Limit television time to three or four hours maximum.

You might watch TV from the instant you get home from work every day until late in the night or early morning. Create a goal for yourself to limit your TV usage to but half this point .Aim to observe but four hours per day.

>> Make a schedule for yourself every day that has TV time and stick with that.

>> You might also set an alarm signifying when to show the TV off.

 Only activate the TV to observe a specific show.

In other words, don’t just turn it on and log on for something worthwhile. Hours are quickly wasted, switching from one show to subsequent , watching all and none at an equivalent time.

Avoid channel surfing.


After you’ve got made a commitment to only watch a particular number of shows, commit yourself to only watching those. After you finish your shows for the day, close up the television and avoid getting trapped during a new program or film.

Have one television-free day per week.

Start by spending at some point completely unplugged. Designate at some point per week that you simply will spend doing other activities like reading, doing homework, catching up with household chores you’ve been adjourning , or spending time connecting together with your family.

>> Try small sessions without TV, if a whole day seems like an excessive amount of . Start small with an hour then increase these breaks over time. an honest thanks to do that is to easily not watch program you dislike. Don’t just like the program that comes on before the one you would like to watch? Don’t watch it then!

Develop a fast-moving news routine.


Most news shows are scheduled right down to the minute. So investigate the few shows you watch and find out once they run the features you’re most curious about for instance , the local weather is on the Weather Network at eight after the hour; there cap of the day’s headlines on News channel at fifteen after; the sports scores on  Sports Center Channel shortly after. Add it all at once , and you’ve got a complete national news briefing in about quarter-hour seems like the right evening television routine. Watch it once you get home, then close up the Tv for the remainder of the night.

Interact with your family.

Get involved within the lives of your children, parents, siblings and other members of your immediate family. Phone them up regularly to rearrange time to hold out. Spend a while every day interacting together with your family.You might even plan a family reunion.

Head outdoors.

There is an entire exciting world outside of your home that you simply have likely not explored due to your TV addiction. leave into your neighborhood and take a walk. Go hiking or camping for a weekend together with your friends. Plan a visit to the lake and go canoeing or kayaking. These activities are good for both physical and psychological state .

Create a list of one-hour evening projects.

List everything you’ll possibly dream of: cleaning a very messy cupboard, organizing recipes, touching up the paint on your bedroom walls, sharpening kitchen knives, sorting through your sewing materials. Then create an old-fashioned job jar, and check out to try to to one each evening.

Restrict your computer use.

In addition to watching shows on TV, you would possibly be watching them online. Block sites like Netflix and Hulu from getting used on your computer in order that you aren’t tempted to binge watch programs. If you’ve got the catch-up service apps on your mobile , delete them.

Multitask strategically while watching TV.


When you do watch TV, attempt to spend time enjoying it and being mindful in order that you don’t need to watch any episodes on repeat or via online catch-up sites. Avoid reading or sending emails during this point , and instead do things like ironing, cooking or folding laundry.

>>  Avoid talking on the phone to family or friends during this time, as well.

If you’re Parent then found out any parental controls that are available to you thru your TV or any particular streaming service, like Netflix.

Don’t be afraid to line hard limits on your child’s TV time when it involves both watching TV or using it for something like playing video games either — if your child has been watching/playing for 2 hours, then don’t hesitate to kick them off and tell them to try to to something else.

the most important thing you’ll do as a parent to stop TV addiction is to not allow them to watch TV whenever they need for however long they need . You’ll have even more success if you help them find other activities to urge engaged in, like sports or art.

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