Do you want to gain weight in very short period of time? Super Strategy

Gaining weight is easier than losing weight? That is easier said than done only: Although pizza, cakes and chocolate are high in calories, but these are not recommended if you want to gain weight.

Gain Weight

Instead, make sure that you have an adequate supply of nutrients that you don’t just eat Increase the amount, but also the calorie density. Plan two to three snacks in addition to the meals, fill your dishes with high-quality oils and nuts, swap white flour products for the whole grain version or spice up soups and sauces with a good dash of cream on.”

Other recommended foods: hazelnuts, corn, millet, cream quark, tuna, raspberries, broccoli, butter, whole wheat pasta, olives

Unfavorable foods: ham, French fries

It’s not that difficult

The daily energy requirement varies for each person. However, there is an approximate guideline.

For example, to gain a kilogram in two weeks, the daily calorie requirement must be exceeded by 500 calories.

But just stuffing greasy fast food in large quantities is of little use. The most crucial thing is that you gain weight in healthy ways.

People who want to gain weight in a healthy way primarily need foods that have a high energy density, such as carbohydrates such as potatoes or rice.

fruit and vegetables

It is just as important that the food contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Fruit and vegetables are ideal for this. Although they are low in energy, they should be on the menu when “gaining weight”.

Healthy fats

High-quality fats are also important for underweight people who want to gain weight healthily.

Enrich your dishes with high-quality vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed or olive oil). This also means that noodles “slide” better.

Fish is also a great source of fat and is suitable for healthy weight gain. Cold water fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel in particular contain valuable omega-3 fatty acids. Herring in cream sauce is also allowed.

More ideas to gain weight

gain weightTo add more calories to your meals, you can. for example, enrich soups with cream.

The muesli in the morning gets more content by adding creme fraiche. Feel free to add plenty of toppings to your bread. Cheese and ham, taste great together.

Even so, you should pay attention to the quality of the food and only buy high quality products.

Pasta with cream sauce is too monotonous and heavy for you? Gaining weight also works with salad.

Simply enjoy your salad with tomatoes, artichokes, olives or cheese cubes in oil. Nuts and kernels as a salad topping also contribute to healthy energy enrichment.

Less is more

If you try to eat twice as much at each meal, you won’t last long. Because afterwards you will definitely feel “full” and tired. Therefore, it is better to eat five to six meals over the day instead of three large ones.

This enables your stomach to cope better with the larger amounts of energy. The feeling of fullness is avoided.

cheese, meat and sugar

weight gainAs with losing weight, the same applies to gaining weight: a healthy and balanced diet is important.

Full fat products are better than mix light products. So you can enjoy cheese, yoghurt and cream. But moderation applies to meat and sausages.

Animal fats are not necessarily healthy for our bodies. You should therefore avoid fatty salami, liver sausage.

However, a good steak or a large piece of Sunday roast is allowed.

Do you like sweets? No problem, just like sweeteners, you should avoid pure granulated sugar. Honey and agave syrup are great and healthy sweetener alternatives.

snacks for in between

While people who want to lose weight often have to forego, the following applies to people who want to gain weight healthily: access it.

It was your colleague’s birthday? Treat yourself to a piece of cream cake without a guilty conscience.

Every day this would of course be an exaggeration, but there are also other high-energy, yet healthy snacks . nuts, cream quark, yoghurt, cheese cubes or dried fruit are ideal for snacking in between meals.

Tips: If classic snacks are too boring for you and you would like to try something new such as protein bars or protein-rich shake, we have just the thing for you:

drinking the right thing

gain weightAdequate hydration is also important when it comes to gaining weight healthily.

Water, herbal teas and fruit teas are best and ideal. If you want to cut you some weight, you should avoid fruit juices.

Although they are nutritious and healthy, they contain a lot of fructose. However, they are best option for people who want to add some extra weight healthily.

Tea and coffee get a few more calories from honey . With coffee it can of course be full-fat milk. And you don’t have to go without a beer or wine (in moderation, of course).

Doing Sports

Gain weight

Just eating more is not enough. Do you want to gain weight healthily? Then do some sport.

Light training strengthens the cardiovascular system. In addition, muscle building is promoted. Muscle mass is important so that the body can cope better with the increasing weight.

In addition, you gain weight with a high-energy diet, but with targeted muscle building your figure will still stay in shape


If you want to gain weight healthily, you should include foods in your diet that have a high energy density, such as bread, pasta and rice. Healthy fats such as high-quality oils and fish with a high fat content round off the meals. However, vegetables should not be avoided when gaining weight healthy.

With healthy snacks such as nuts, fruit or cheese, you can also consume more calories in between and thus gain healthy weight. You can also rely on full-fat products such as milk or high-calorie fruit juices for drinks. However, you should replace sugar with healthy alternatives if you are gaining weight.

With targeted training, you can not only increase your general health, but also increase your weight healthily thanks to the muscle building. If you have no appetite, it helps to arrange and celebrate meals in a particularly appealing way

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