A woman and her fears


A woman and her fears – 

I am a woman. Who can know about fear better than me? Here fear doesn’t define only the fear of  being tortured physically. It is about violating the liberties of a woman, Restriction to openly speak. If this fear of the women of the country is not eradicated, then the dream of women empowerment will remain dreams.

However, it is not the case, women are given equal rights today. But due to the people of some places and some narrow mindset people, today women have to face this fear.

Apart from this , Women have to face a lot of issues. They have to go through gender discrimination, harassment, sexual abuse, lack of education, dowry-related harassment, gender pay gap and much. 

violence against women is a very grave issue faced by women specially in India. It is happening almost every day in various forms. People turn a blind eye to it instead of doing something. Domestic violence happens more often than you think. 

But Now time is slowly changing. Women are now becoming self dependent. It is very important to take care of some things at such a time .I would advise to every woman to work on few basic things.

 Never consider yourself weak

If you think of yourself as weak then it is your mental weakness which will also make you physically weak.

 Improve your skills and Never Stop Learning 

Continuous learning creates new energy and chances for improvement, new ideas or ideas and opportunity. surround yourself with people who always inspire you to move forward. If you want, you can also join any training.

woaman empower
 Learn from Mistakes

Mistakes happen the most. If you do not accept your mistake then it will be your ego. And if you learn from your mistakes then you will definitely be successful one day. Because a person who learns by mistake becomes perfect one day.

Learn to Take Responsibility

However, by accepting responsibility, we can commit ourselves to growing and developing. By taking responsibility, women are empowered to hold themselves accountable. We women have a bad habit that we never want to take accountability of anything but this is the biggest thing that makes us weak.

Concentrate yourself 

In our Society , Some women spend all their time and energy in any useless works and activities.
Whether it is about someone in the neighborhood or what someone said to someone. We should avoid it . We should utelize our time. If we want a good result, then we have to put our energy and time in a good activities.

Learn to Say No

we meet so many people in our life and their expectations are also high from us. it’s been observed so many times we say yes to things which is beyond our comfort zone or even which puts us in difficulty. So it’s very important to say a clear No. Always keep in mind we can not satisfy everyone.

say to no
Stop compromising all the time

We all have to compromise sooner or later but it doesn’t mean you will adjust with situation all the time. some time all we need is to take a step. Suppose you are not able to buy your favourite Beauty products because of financial issues now you have two options first is just compromise with some other brands which costs low  And second is do something to earn more if you are already working, If not then develop some skills in you and find a job so that you could do anything of Your interest rather than being a victim of circumstances.




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