When is The ideal time for a protein shakes? Before or After Training?

When do you usually drink your protein shakes? Before training or afterwards? you believe that your muscles are particularly good at storing proteins at a given point in time and are therefore able to grow better? I asked the experts when it makes most sense to have a protein shake. The experts answer the question of whether the time of protein intake can noticeably influence muscle growth or strength development, or whether in the end it doesn’t matter when you add protein.

In total, they analyzed some existing studies on the benefits of taking protein supplements and examined the results in detail based on the time of intake. Some of the test subjects had drunk the protein shake one hour before to one hour after training. The other part only drank the liquid proteins after training – at least two hours later.

As a result, the researchers found indications that proteins that are supplied to the body directly after training are stored in the muscles a little faster. So exactly where they require muscle building.

Do protein shakes promote muscle growth?

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The body is tired after the exercise. In order to get out of this low, the proteins help him. Therefore It is recommended to athletes to use the protein shake after training.
The effect on the muscles should not be overestimated. The meta-study mentioned that the protein shake generally had no noticeable effect on either muscle growth or strength development. “The effect is there – even if minimal.”

And what happens if the athlete drinks his protein shake before (strength) training in order to push his muscles? “If the stomach is full of protein shake, it is even negative for the training,” says the expert. Possible consequences are malaise up to and including a lack of motivation. He advises: before training, it is better to drink a coffee instead of that heavy shake!

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This is how protein shakes are made

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Protein shakes usually consist of milk and whey. According to sources, the protein is separated from the fat and carbohydrates in a filtration process. What remains is a whey protein or a milk protein, while the unwanted milk sugar and fat have been almost completely removed. Other natural sources such as eggs, rice and meat are also used in part for protein powder. With most powders, a flavor is now added. The taste is mostly produced synthetically.

What is my daily protein requirement?

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It is recommended that 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight for adults every day – whether man or woman. For a individual weighing 80 kilos, the lower limit is 64 grams of protein, and 65 kilograms is 52 grams. However: This recommendation applies to untrained people. Anyone who does weight training and wants to build muscle has about twice as high a protein requirement (1.8 to 2.2 grams per kilogram of body weight), as this study shows. The ideal amount also depends on the quality of the protein, the total energy intake, the amount of carbohydrates and the training intensity.The daily dose of protein should not be exceeded permanently. Too high an intake can have a negative effect on kidney health.

Who are protein shakes for?

Protein shakes generally make sense if the recommended daily dose of protein is not reached through food. Anyone who has an omelette for breakfast, fish or soy products at lunchtime and quark in the evening does not need any additional protein. However, this diet is unlikely to apply to very few. So supplementing with a protein shake can make sense. However, you should always look for a high-quality product when buying.

How do you recognize a high quality protein shake?

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Make sure the ingredients are listed – this is not the case for all products. Choosing an organic product is good option. And You can also recognize a top protein by its price. You should invest 40 to 50 Dollar (3000 Rs – 5000 Rs) per kilogram of powder. Not a bargain, but a worthwhile investment in your body.

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Protein is an important macro nutrient and, ideally, we can cover its adequate intake through a healthy, balanced diet. Basically, neither beginners nor intensive athletes need a special protein shake. If you still like to use it as part of your training, it is better to do it after the effort. At this point, the extra proteins promote the regeneration of the muscles. Not only are they useless before training, they can even put unnecessary strain on the body. Check your protein requirements – and make sure you always buy a high-quality product.

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