how to cook pasta properly : 10 useful pasta tips

I’ll reveal 10 clever tips to cook pasta properly. Then the pasta is guaranteed to be a success!

1. Choose the right pot

If you’re planning to make noodles or pasta then you should know that Noodles need some extra space. Therefore, when cooking the pasta properly, choose the bigger possible pot – also so that nothing boils over. After all, you need 1 liter of water for every 100 g of pasta!

2. Boil the water Quickly

Add some water to the pot and turn on the stove. Boil the rest of the water in the kettle and then pour it into the pot – this is much faster and saves energy.

3. How much salt ?

You need 1 tablespoon of salt for every 100 g of pasta . Don’t use the salt in the water until it is hot and the salt can dissolve immediately. If it settles on the bottom of the pot, it eats tiny holes in the stainless steel.

4. Keep your Eye on Pasta

If you’re not cooking properly , your pasta may sticky together. To prevent the pasta from sticking together, stir it from time to time. It is very important step while cooking. It is better not to add oil to the water, because if the pasta is covered with a film of fat, it can no longer combine so well with the sauce.

5. Prepare the sauce in good time

The sauce should always be ready before the pasta! Because it can be kept warm without any problems until the pasta is done. It doesn’t work so well the other way around.

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6. Make a cooking test

If you want to cook pasta properly, it needs to be slightly firm to the bite. Therefore, try a pasta after the cooking time. If it is too hard, continue cooking for about half a minute and try again.

7. Don’t use extra cold water

Do not rinse the pasta with cold water after draining. This will wash the starch off the noodles and the sauce won’t stick as well.

8. Use the cooking water

If you mix the drained noodles with some cooking water again, they won’t stick together as quickly. You can also use the starchy water to bind a sauce that is too thin – simply stir 2-3 tablespoons into the sauce and bring to the boil again.

9. Finally mix up the pasta and sauce

Mix the pasta and sauce in a big, preheated bowl just before serving. So both stay hot and can combine well.

10. Store pasta correctly

You can keep cooked noodles in the refrigerator for about two days. Dry noodles can be kept cool and dry for up to a year.

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