I do not know whether she was the one I had read about or a reflection created by my mind. – Paranormal.

Hello i live in Delhi It was a year ago when I used to give an interview to erase my Hesitation. On the online portal, I used to check that where vacancy has come out so that I can interview there. At that time I was an undergraduate.

One night while searching on Google, a ghostly BPO came to know about it. But still did not believe all these things.

The next morning I was going to give an interview after a breakfast. Sudden I got an offer letter from the same ghostly BPO on my email. I was stunned to see that I had read about it last night. Yet a curious mind aroused in the mind, what is this, friend? ‘Let’s go and see’.

I left my previous interview and started going towards that BPO. After about 2 hours I reached there. I noticed that very few people were working in that BPO. As I had read that a girl worked there for about 7 years after she died and she was also made the Employee of the Year 3 times. To know the truth of this thing, I did some research, asked some people there but no one told anything.

I went inside that BPO and gave an interview. Everything was very normal. But the story changed when I saw the shadow of a girl in my phone.

Actually, I see my face frequently in my phone, this is my old habit. That day also when I picked up the phone to see my face in my phone, I saw a girl sitting behind me. But believe there was no one there. I was absolutely scared. I was not in a position to ask anyone there. When I started going from there, that girl also gave me bye. Now I am in this dilemma as to who that girl was.

I am a fit man and I do not believe in ghost stories. Since that day I have not been able to sleep well for 3-4 days. Once that girl used to come to my mind. The girl’s expression was as if someone was teasing you. Now I do not know whether she was the one I had read about or a reflection created by my mind.

After 3-4 days, I again resorted to Google and read stories written by some people. But all the people wrote that there was a girl working there. Was very promising.

All the employees there were happy seeing his dedication to his work. After a few years, one day the girl suddenly left the BPO.

When she did not come to work for a long time, her boss took out the details of her house and went there. That girl had her old parents at home. When the boss showed the girl’s photo and asked why this girl is not coming to work anymore.

So the girl’s parents said that their girl has already died 7 years ago. The boss could not believe it but the people around told the same. His boss fainted after hearing this and this story spread all over Google.

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