How to change moods

How to change moods ; In today’s world negative emotions are more wide-spread than ever before. News and articles about: death, pain, framing, corruption and other horrible events can be seen on a daily basis, easily making a person feel depressed. With all this negativity, it’s important to know how to make yourself smile again.

Positive and negative emotions originate from the same place and are affected by your mood. It’s much easier to see the positive in this world if you had a good day; the opposite is true. But how does one even get in a good mood? It’s rather simple, one must imagine themselves in a situation where they are happy. Your brain has something called mirror neurons. These neurons allow you to interact with imagination and memory like you are actually there. That’s why you get aroused if you think of sex.

Here is an example: imagine yourself in a situation where you are being lovingly embraced. You must feel the touch of the other person, the heat they radiate, the fabric of their clothes (if you imagine them with clothes), their weight on you, where your hands are placed, where you are being embraced. Make it as detailed as possible. All 5 senses should be included if you want this to work effectively. It’s best you use love as the emotion of choice, as love is the most powerful of all the positive emotions.

how to change moods

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