Top 5 highest earning jobs in the field of technology right now


In the world of technology, there is really nothing that you cannot achieve. We have traveled a long journey, from making phone calls from a friendly neighborhood to booking a cab on a smartphone.

From rapidly emerging technologies such as robotics and the Internet of Things (promising to automate manual tasks more), artificial intelligence, and machine learning (promising to provide non-human intelligence to make things faster and more intuitive). Today’s digitization is much clearer.

Now coming to the topic which concerns almost every youth today. When we have reached such a high level today, what are the hottest technology careers in today’s world, and what skills do you need to acquire in each of them? Here are some of your best pics:

1. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing


The Digital Marketer is a person who are market your product or service through digital medium. In digital marketing there are several term like social media marketing, SEO, SEM, E-mail marketing and many more. We live in the era where we all have smartphone and its easiest and cheapest way to endorse your product or service through digital marketing.

skills required:

Its not necessary to have any specific skill if you want toh be a digital marketer. You just need a basic knowledge of computer or smartphone and thats enough.

2. Data Scientist

Data Scientist

For most of us, a data scientist is working on mathematical and statistical models and has nothing to do with technology. But in fact, the need for computing and programming becomes apparent, due to changes in many dimensions, analyzing millions of data points. In 2019, Forbes listed the data scientist in the most in-demand roles in the US for four consecutive years.

skills required:
You must have strong math and statistics skills. Programming expertise in R, Python, SQL and Hadoop is often required. The ability to work with machine learning tools and algorithms is increasingly an asset.

3. Product Manager

Product Manager

The product manager is a person who is capable of performing tasks that were previously divided and managed by various teams such as marketing, customer management and operations. He is a person who looks at everything and they act as if they own the product they manage.

skills required:
You usually need both a technology and a business background (preferably a major in marketing). An understanding of technology tools and processes, project management methods, and marketing processes can help.

4. Cloud Architect


When you use Netflix, you can actually access a digital copy of that movie stored in a remote server. In between, there is a cloud delivery and networking layer that brings data to you. These systems are designed by cloud architects, who determine cost and time-efficient ways to access data remotely.

skills required:
A bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer engineering is required. You can do online courses related to cloud computing. A good understanding of enterprise systems, such as network systems and databases, is also required for the role.

5. DevOps Engineer:


It is comparatively an emerging career option which is still at its inception level. Let us break down and understand the word, it is a set of practices that allow development (dev) and IT operations (ops) to develop, test, deploy, and software to work together faster and more reliably. As such, DevOps Engineers work with both development and IT deployment teams.

skills required:
Some experience in software development life cycle, including coding, testing, version control and understanding of security aspects. Getting familiar with DevOps tools like Git / Github, Puppet, Ansible and Chef has further advantages.

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