Why should you avoid blogspot ?

Many bloggers start with Blogspot due to the fact that it’s a free blogging platform. However, some specialists recommend to avoid blogspot mainly in case you meant on doing professional and business matter on it.

Here are the predominant reasons why you should avoid blogspot:

Technically, you don’t personalize your blog

BlogSpot owns your content. Even in case you spend a years producing seo-friendly content material, the platform can erase it in a single tap.

This is the main reason that you should avoid blogspot platform.

It is better to shop for a custom designed domain, and preserve a self-hosted website.

You are not allowed to monetize your blog

Blogger may be very restrictive about blog monetization. You are allowed to make use of AdSense for your blog, however, restrictions exist in opposition to product and carrier sales. BlogSpot can definitely prevent the boom of your business. Now it is clear that if you’re planing to grow your blog or business then you should avoid blogspot.

Limited Customization

In WordPress, there are numerous UX and layout possibilities. In BlogSpot, then again, there may be very constrained selection of templates in addition to in customization. If you are not a developer, you will virtually conflict.

Moving to a custom domain is a big Huddle.

Migrating a Blogspot weblog can come up with an enormous headache. Not only that, it can also negatively effect your search engine optimization approach.

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You can’t establish website authority

The maximum crucial goals of seo on search engine optimization advertising and link constructing strategies are to establish website authority. Focusing on this will assist you rank so much simpler.

On the grounds that several bloggers refuse to hyperlink out to BlogSpot websites, you will struggle to create website authority.  Should avoid blogspot or not ?

Bad Link Structure

Blogspot’s link structure is very rubbish and you can’t even change it. Limitations are everywhere on blogspot. If you want a fancy link structure, like this article of mine, then you should avoid Blogspot and move on wordpress or other custom website.

BlogSpot blogs don’t perform well in Google.

It’s ironic that the blogs created by Google’s very personal running a blog platform fails to carry out properly in Google itself. Blogger also fails it users inside the oneway link department.

You can hurt your brand value

If you are using Blogspot, then your brand value can be hurt because Blogspot has not yet made its level and due to bad link structure it becomes difficult for you to get backlinks. So you need a self-hosted website instead of Blogspot.

Whether you are strolling a commercial enterprise or keeping a personal blog, you ought to avoid BlogSpot. There are various limitations which could prevent the expansion of your business.

Numerous BlogSpot blogs are brutalized with spam.

You wouldn’t want to host your personal blog in a platform that considers seo use as spam.

You are not entirely committed

Don’t be scared to purchase your very own domain, and pay to the internet hosting every month. Be absolutely devoted.

Invest in a web site with the destiny in thoughts. Search for many approaches to grow your earnings and internet visitors. You could attain this by way of web hosting your blog some place else—no longer BlogSpot.

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Final Words

If you are new in the field of blogging, you can use Blogspot, but if you want to expand your blog or business website, then using Blogspot will only waste your time and also make your content useless at a time.

So, What’s your next plan if you’re using blogspot? Comment me.

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