[Web Developer] Proper strategy to get your first client

Any business has to put a lot of effort in raising from the ground .No matter what kind of business, every business has only one need and a question has been running on the Internet for a decade that 'How do I get more clients?' or 'How do I get my first Client?' or 'How to get your first client?'.

The most important thing is that you can get more clients by correcting very small mistakes . So let's know what to do so that you can get a client or more clients as a freelancer web developer .


Start with attractive portfolio Website


If you want to start career as a web developer and you're a newbie in web development field, then you should focus on your portfolio first. You will get your first client only when he'll have a little trust and interest in you and for that you have to make your portfolio attractive.


Web Developer

You are a web developer. Therefore, your portfolio design itself exemplifies your creativity. If you are a newbie then do some free projects so that there is no shortage in your portfolio.

You should not forget to add your skills, work experience, recent project, all these in your website, because of this factor you get the client easily.


Website Speed really matters

Make sure your website speed should be fast. If the speed of your website is not good, then new users will never re-visit your website.

It is obvious that if the website loads slowly, then I will not open such a website myself.

If you are a good web developer, then you will know how slow website also affects SEO? Slow speed spoils your website ranking.

The web developer's website follows the principle of 'first impression is the last impression'. Therefore, you should always take care of your website speed.

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Digital Presence is an Important factor


In this technological era, it is very important to make a presence on the digital level. For this, you will have to take help from social media, online seminars, referral approach and SEO.

SEO of your products and services help you to get a lot of clients. Suppose the SEO of your website is very good and you have paid more attention to some keywords like 'Web Developer of India'. what will it take ? Now if anyone searches on Google, 'Best Web Developer in India'. Then your portfolio website will appear in the top search. By adding a little bit you can get a lot of clients or it is also helpful to get your first client.



Carefully Identify your target


I have often seen web developers that they promote themselves on Facebook. But the problem is that they are not able to detect their target properly.

One thing you should always take care that if you are promoting yourself on Facebook, then never join a group in which only the web developer is left out. Because in such a group, one who views your portfolio website considers himself a web developer too. So you're just wasting your time there .

Always promote yourself among the right person. As for example you can share your portfolio between shop owners who want to take their shop online. So it is very important to choose the right client only then you will be able to succeed in your cause.


Upgrade your Skills

Everyday new technology is coming in the field of web development. So it is very important to upgrade your skills. Because with the help of new technology, web design and development is being made more attractive and useful.

You must be well aware that if you are experienced in angular and react now, then it becomes easier to get a client.

Final Word

In this competitive world, it is becoming difficult to get a client, but if you are an expert in your field and follow the proper guideline, then it will be easy for you to target the client.