Spend your time learning new things in Lockdown

The whole world is struggling with a Corona Virus, so there is lockdown in the country.It is an unprecedented experience for all Indians during this lockdown period due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost everyone is going through a rough phase and finding it challenging to deal with the abrupt change in lifestyle. Since the numbers of Corona patients are soaring up in India, nobody believes the government is going to lift off the lockdown any time soon. Everyone is being advised to stay indoors. People who work or are often out of work may find it difficult to stay home all day. But don’t worry, we have come up with some measures to make the best use of time and enjoy it.

What is going on in everyone’s mind is the thought to adopt the change. Maybe the bulk of people seek a disciplined schedule so that they can invest the time in relevant concerns. Our attempt in this content is to direct you to manage time properly during this stay at home span.

Spend quality time with family

During the job, how did we all wait for leave? Today, when the need to stay home is getting bored. Earlier, he used to think that if he gets a holiday, he will decorate the house, make new types of food or talk to friends. But today when there is an opportunity to do all these, the time is being passed like this. So think what can be done.

This lockdown is not forever. We just have to work a little patiently. I believe that even after the lockdown in the country is over, you should stay away from people for a few days.

Wake up the artist hidden inside you

Everyone has the desire to do acting, mimicry or serious theater but does not get time. Now, if you get a chance, organize a virtual theater and refine the art. At this time you may get time to write something shorter. And if your friend group is also interested in others like you, share some words or topics between them and write some and share with each other. You can also increase your vocabulary by sharing information about new words.

Once you get time, you will read the book and tell good stories to friends and family – if you too thought so, then it is time to put the idea into reality. If you want, create a book club, keep a reading session on video, or share stories on WhatsApp, your choice is yours.

Virtual Party and Fun

Apparently, the party is missing out on fun, hang out, then video call them and get connected together. During this time, Guess a Song can play together or make new recipes by calling. This will also cut time and will not feel empty. Set a time and chat together on the phone.

Yoga and Exercise

This is the time to increase immunity. In such a situation, it is very important that all the members of the household include exercise-yoga in the routine. If you do not want to do yoga, you can jump rope or dance. All these are effective in keeping you fit. Therefore, give some time of the day to make the body healthy and healthy.

Include your effort in making dishes in home

If you are not the regular cook in your house, it is a great time to be a part of it. It takes some profound efforts to make food every day. Still, it is entertaining if all family members work together to cook meals. You can share your knowledge of cooking and any specific recipe, if you know.

Learning Something New

If there is a desire in the mind to learn something new like dance, painting, then this desire can be fulfilled by online videos. Spend some time of the day learning new things. Apart from this, if you like making new recipes, then you can make a video and share it with friends.


Right now the condition of our country is good. One of our lapses can be dangerous to the country. That is why we have to stay at home and stay in captivity for so many days is a bit difficult but what to do we have to win from this disease. So just keep your mind calm and reset your whole body. And always remember one thing. #Stay at home

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