Tom and Jerry : such a wonderful gift by Gene Ditch

I am telling you about the year 2005. As soon as my eyes opened in the morning, I turned on the television and watched a game of mouse and cat. I did not know that one day I will get addicted to it.

At that time there were only two things that ran in the mind, one was the school home assignment and the other was Tom and Jerry's show time. The situation was such that I had asked for the CD of all the episodes of it. I was a huge fan of Tom and Jerry and it not only cheered my childhood but also my older generations used to watch it.


Tom and Jerry cartoon programs contain a type of comedy that all ages can find entertaining. It is a show which provides the perfect opportunity for the entire family to sit together and enjoy some television. Therefore, it is never something which becomes unpopular or undesirable when your child gets a little bit older. I remember when there was no inverter facility in our house at that time and if the power cut out while watching the Tom and Jerry show, I used to cry and say "the electrician has some enmity with me".

This character was so lively that today we get to see an activity like Tom and Jerry in every house. The children of the house do such comedy with great enthusiasm . Everyone has a favorite episode in the Tom and Jerry show. My favorite show was "Tom and jerry : Magic Ring " . I've seen it about 20 times .

Do you know why I am discussing this cartoon character? . I am just trying to tell how much creative will be the mind of the creator who put a character in our life that will hardly leave the chase. This never ending program has now become immortal. Many people say that Tom and Jerry finally commit suicide in their last episode by jumping off the rail .I haven't seen that episode nor do I want to watch .

Gene Ditch You have gone but your creation is immortal. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful gift .

Today our era is full of heavy graphic videos. But I still wonder that today's children also watch Tom and Jerry's program with great enthusiasm.


It is a television program which is easily to understand, meaning children never lose interest. The fact that the show is mainly visual and only a very small percentage oral allows people to make their own interpretations about what it is going on and what is being said. Thus, the show can be adapted to all ages and all mind sets.

This program teaches us one more thing. You may fail countless times, but that doesn't mean you can never win.

Tom never gives up in his desire to catch Jerry, and Jerry never loses a fight. He is inventive, courageous and stronger than he looks. In almost all the early cartoons there is a repeated gag when Jerry grabs a plank and bashes Tom's behind with great force and verve. He enjoys inflicting the pain.


Whilst the Tom and Jerry cartoons primary attraction is the fact that they are funny, there is a lot more to them than that. They teach a lot of valuable lessons to children and adults alike, for instance, one of the main lessons taught is that it is not always about being strong as having intelligence can outwit anyone. Thus it encourages children to stick in and use their brain.

After writing this article, I will definitely watch 2–3 episodes again. :-) Childhood is over but Tom and Jerry's addiction is not going to end . And of course you too will share your favorite episode .