These killing features make your phone a super smartphone.

In this new digital world, every day the new features are being released in smartphone.Do you know what are the features that make your phone a super smartphone?
A lot of people are using expensive phones, but believe me if you are running low-cost phones but your phone has all these features, then you too are in the same category in which people are using expensive phones.



Near-field-communication is a set of communication protocols for communication between two electronic devices at a distance of 4 cm or less.
This is advance technology used in high end smartphone but I also found in low budget phones.

You can check the specification of your phone that NFc features Supported or Not.


Ambient Screen


Ambient screen is a technique in which you can see the notification of the phone without actually having to turn your phone's display on.

These are very impressive features that I personally like. Go to display Setting in your smartphone to check that feature you have or not.




It stands for Low Power Double Data Rate .
This is both powerful RAM technology. You will find LPDDR4x in low budget phone but LPDDR5 comes only in flagship smartphone. If your smartphone have LPDDR5 Or LPDDR4X, congratulations you are using Super Phone.


Type C

Type c is a faster data transfer technology that is faster than normal USB. Type C charger charges your phone 20 times faster than normal USB. Type C is also used for fast data transfer, so you can feel the data flow from your phone to your laptop if your phone is type c supported.


Adreno and Bionic's GPU

If you are fond of playing games then GPu is very important for you. You must have heard the name of the graphic card in the laptop, in the same way the mobile has a GPU, which we call Graphics Processing Unit.

Adreno is most powerful and successful GPU after bionic's GPU. Check the specification of your smartphone as to what type of GPU is supported in your phone.

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Gyroscopic Sensor

Gyroscope sensor is responsible for the autorotation of the display and consider at the display screen whenever a phone is rotated. It is Capable of providing precision movement in the App functionality. This allows the person to execute all of the tasks with the motion of the device itself.


Amoled or super Amoled Screen

If viewed generally, the picture experience on the AMOLED screen is better than the LCD. In the AMOLED screen, you will see more color, more dark color and good contrast ratio. The quality of the screen is very important, so I have included it in my list too.



The processor speeds up your phone overall. Therefore, its choice should also be very correct. If your phone's processor is above snapdragon 855 then congratulations you are using super smartphone. Exynos is also a good processor type but I recommend Snapdragon only.



It is not necessary that everyone's phone has all the features. You can easily check whether your phone passes the above option or not. Comment on which feature is there in your phone that makes your phone super