Small Suggestion : how to live with Corona Virus

How to live with Corona Virus ? Currently, there are no signs of a corona virus vaccine coming in, and even if the vaccine is discovered, it will take a long time to reach a lower level society. But we cannot sit for fear of corona virus forever, we have to change our standard of living. We have to give up some habits, some habits will have to be put on hold. By doing this slowly, we will learn to live with the corona virus.

Today I will tell you what is the biggest problem among us? We can do anything but touch our face again and again, hold anything, do not clean your mobile phone, we keep making such small mistakes. And all these problems are not only in our country but in the whole world . And we are from India, here we do not accept all these mistakes. We don’t even remember how many times we touched our faces .

The corona virus can only be defeated by our habits. We are still missing, so Corona continues to wreak havoc. Hey, we are from a country where culture has made us a lot to protect from Corona. Today all of us have to improve our habits by walking with our culture.

India Corona Virus Effect

Let me tell you some ways how we will win this war.

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Before starting a war we have to practice because we are not able to do war right now . Let’s start our practice :

  1. First of all, we have to note how frequently we touch our face.
  2. How frequently we touch our Hair .
  3. How frequently we wash our Hand.
  4. Are we taking a healthy diet?

After noticing everything, give yourself a task that you will touch your face and hair only 5 times in the whole day. Make a note in the bath house so that whenever you wash your hands, the reason for it is written in it. It will take a little odd but we have to win this battle too.

Yes, after doing this, set an alarm in your phone so that you can also clean your phone at the same time every day. Slowly We have to improve this Habit .  Now, when it comes out of the house, what are the things that you have to keep in mind? First of all you need to apply a face mask. People are still using face masks, but people are forgetting to protect the eyes. Corona virus can also enter the body through the eye . So you have to protect your eyes too . You have to stay two yards outside. Our Prime Minister also says the same .

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Today most cases of corona in our country are asymptomatic. This is also a good thing and is creating a little trouble . We can defeat the corona by increasing our body resistance.

All we need is a healthy diet and proper exercise. Once our immunity is strengthened, the corona virus will become like a common cold. Initially we will take time to take all these precautions. But one day we will become Professional . Anyway, we have no other solution. We can only defend against Corona now .

We should take this time as an exam. So that we can all give our best.  We will end our fear of Corona by changing our habits. Whether the vaccine has come or not

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