Presidential Debate: Who had more patience

People always follow great personalities. But perhaps this theory is now broken .

Today i will do a little analysis of the primary Presidential debate. many of us following Donald Trump are embarrassed. And this is not only embarrassing to those who follow Trump, but also to Biden’s supporters.

Today, whether it’s a debate between the people of a little colony or the debate of big personalities, one thing is common in both of them that now they do not hesitate to use the insulting words.


Actually, the problem isn’t theirs, but now society only likes to pay attention to such things which have little aggression . and the same ideology is now seen in great personalities as well.

Let’s point out Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s debate. “Chaos, interruptions, personal attacks and insults,”
Allegations were made against each other. Insulting word was used from both sides. Both had forgotten that they were sitting ahead of the camera. It didn’t seem that this debate goes on between the President of America and his opponent. there’s a rule of debate that was also broken.

Dear trump ! you’re sitting on a presidential post and behaving like unskilled stubborn boy. Suits you a little bit? .

TV ratings fell 36 percent after the controversy. Meaning this debate wasn’t liked because optimistic people couldn’t understand them.

I had already said that it’s not the fault of those leaders, but gradually an environment has been created in our society, during which people get angry very quickly, people’s stamina disappears, they do not want to listen others.

Great leaders also are trapped in this system. And today the results of the same came out.

Now go to flash back we had great personalities who haven’t tried to transcend their limits and also won the heart of their supporters.

We have read about many such great people who have changed the world with their dignity and idealism.

Whether he was Martin Luther King or the great Swami Vivekananda, he was also a really popular figure, but they understood their limitations. They knew how to talk in front of people, what people want to hear.

If you have not seen this debate yet, then you have a look. Maybe you like it because you’ll see two leaders behaving like stubborn children. But it’s unfortunate that now people like such things.

The mindset is that if you’re an enormous celebrity, an enormous leader, and if you use the abusive words, then your video are going to be seen on social media again and again, people will talk more about you, you’ll dominate the media. And it isn’t just the mindset but the reality .

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