Learning from corona virus

Learning from corona virus –

Think about life after the corona virus and predict that life will not go exactly as it was. I am contemplating imagining a world in the aftermath of a coronovirus epidemic, asking myself the question whether we will shake hands in any case or will we ever be able to go to a crowded place. After the outbreak of Corona virus, no matter how the vaccine comes, there must have been a fear in the people and this fear will change our life. It is said that the epidemic means the death of millions. But we have learned a lot along with the corona virus epidemic. Today due to Corona virus, the health of our earth is getting better. Sometimes I wake up at 4 in the morning, at that time I just feel the cleanliness of the air and at that time only one question arises in my mind that is it true that nature fixes everything when the time comes? Somewhere the corona virus has taught us to live in a  manner. Today, even though we are afraid, we are taking care of cleanliness on the pretext of it. We were forgetting even our culture where we were taught to bow with folded hands. From this point of view, the corona virus is telling us that we should not forget our culture no matter how much the world develops.

Talk about the bad effects of the corona virus, the coming time is going to be more dangerous than the epidemic when the number of unemployed will increase and poverty will increase throughout the world.If there is any truth in this, then just understand that if a person is doing anything today, he is doing it for the maintenance of his family. After the Corona epidemic, it will be difficult for poor people to survive.


Poverty will increase in the whole world and then it will become a civil war situation. It is seen from the beginning that the time after the epidemic is more frightening. I do not think our country is ready to face these conditions right now.

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But it has been said that every coin has two aspects. If there are bad results on one side, there are good ones on the other.
It is certain that the number of unemployed will increase, but if the government pays attention to it, give opportunity to people, start new schemes in which small small startups are encouraged and such small steps are taken together then we will recover soon. Just as we are working together to save our country, similarly we will have to unite after the corona virus epidemic ends.

Today, when I see the powerful countries of the world losing, then I realize that everything is failing in front of nature. Big countries could not stand the corona virus. We were playing with nature and today nature is joking with us. Now a lot of work is expected that this year in 2020 we can roam freely.

Learning from corona virus –

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