Instagram Reels : Best Option !

Instagram reels are now available in almost country. Reels is used to create short videos on Instagram and apply various effects.

Instagram Reels

What are Instagram Reels?

The difference to other video formats on Instagram is that reels are created from several videos. Furthermore, the sound and other animation effects play a crucial role.

Facebook’s TikTok clone lasso did not make it into the app stores and was officially discontinued by Facebook. Much more, Instagram presents a feature with Reels that is very reminiscent of TikTok.

Instagram emphasizes the multitude of possibilities that the new short videos offer, but also mentions the topic of dancing, which is very present on TikTok.

A few months ago, screenshots appeared in which the feature was still called clips or scenes.

According to Instagram , the feature is based on the wishes and interests of its users. Instagram has certainly also got inspiration from TikTok. The difference is that reels are just a format on Instagram, while TikTok only uses short videos, or as the saying goes, multi-clip videos.

Instagram Reels replace the Explore tab

The integration into the Instagram navigation shows how serious Instagram is about reels. Instead of the icon for the Explore area (Instagram search), the Reels Feed is now linked. The visibility of reels increases significantly and more people become aware of the format.

Instagram search area

Another crucial point with Instagram Reels is the connection with the Instagram search. If Instagram has one feature that is similar to the TikTok “For You” feed, it’s Explore. Of course there are some differences, but with Reels Instagram continues to consistently follow the path of strengthening the discovery of new content and accounts on Instagram.

It is also interesting that Instagram reels are geared towards the feed rather than stories. If you look at the updates and announcements of the last months and years, the focus was very much on stories.

Instagram reels and the statistics

As for stories, Instagram also shows statistics for reels. However, the statistics are more similar to published videos.

The likes and comments in the Reels Feed are publicly visible. How often a reel has been played cannot be seen in the feed. To see the views, you simply call up a profile. All views of the published reels are displayed in the Reels tab of the account.

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But how does Instagram measure Reels’ views? A view is counted when a reel is played. The duration does not matter. The views are unique. This means that if someone looks at a reel several times, this has no effect on the calls.

Use Instagram Reels and their Options

Instagram Reels

Reels has been given five options by Instagram. This means that the format is not as extensive as Stories, but it has significantly more options than regular videos for the Instagram feed.

Audio for reels:

Instagram Reels can access Instagram’s music library. You can also upload your own sounds and use them for the short video. For brands and companies it will behave in the same way as stories and there will be no access to the music catalog

Instagram Effect :

Another parallel to TikTok is the integration of AR effects in Instagram Reels. The same AR effects are available as, for example, for stories. The integration is therefore also of interest to AR creators, as reels offer a further possibility of distribution. The same applies to companies and influencer marketing, as campaigns and collaborations are expanded to include another creative option.

Timer for individual clips:

This feature is crucial for the transitions between the individual video elements. To create creative videos, different video lengths can be defined and then joined together. Here, too, Instagram has already published an update for Reels. The timer can now be set to a maximum of 10 seconds, which enables even more options and more convenient operation.

Short Videos Arrangement:

To ensure a perfect transition from the individual clips, all elements can be arranged in a targeted manner. Here, too, the advice from Instagram about an example that we know very well from TikTok: the outfit change, which is used by many creators

Define video speed on Instagram Reels:

You can add another creative element to your Instagram reels via the recording speed. Individual clips can be recorded particularly quickly, or slow motion effects can be integrated.

Short Tutorial

The videos can have a maximum duration of 30 seconds. Shortly after the start of Reels, the length has already doubled. A reaction to TikTok, because videos of up to 60 seconds are possible here.

Before publishing, you can decide whether the reels will only be published in the Explore area of Instagram or also in the Instagram feed. If we think of IGTV, then it is advisable to publish the short videos in the feed in order to get more coverage for the short video on Instagram.

Instagram had (and still has) Snapchat right on its screen and, of course, TikTok for some time now. We know what happens then from Snapchat. Who Made Stories Big? Snapchat. Who copied the feature and made it available to the mainstream? Instagram.

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Instagram observes exactly what makes TikTok so attractive

Instagram Reels

The quite a lot of attention and the strong growth of TikTok are certainly not in the sense of Instagram by Facebook. Once because of user activity and once because of the campaigns from Nike, Samsung, OTTO and Co., which are currently trying out a lot on TikTok.

Of course, Facebook and Instagram play in a different league than TikTok. Firstly with the number of users and especially with the sales. But TikTok is causing a sensation and a breath of fresh air in the social media world.

Instagram Reels has the ideal conditions

Instagram has access to millions of songs, as well as an enormous amount of usage and dwell time, and now Reels is directly against TikTok.

Anyone who has published even a single video on TikTok will discover many parallels in the short videos. The advantage is that you can find your way around faster.

From the point of view of Instagram, one can certainly understand the step. Personally, I think it’s a shame that Instagram and Facebook are taking over all the successful features. Social media also defines diversity and the delimitation of individual networks. But as already mentioned, Instagram will probably add a feature or two.

Battle for the “new” creator?

In the young target group and among influencers who address a young target group, TikTok has become a serious competitor for Instagram. This is also because there is content on TikTok that cannot be found anywhere else. Or they are created on TikTok and then very often distributed on Instagram .

If influencers soon have the same opportunities on Instagram, the evolution of Snapchat could repeat itself.

The creative short videos are an exciting development, but it shows again that it is anything but easy against Instagram and Facebook.

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