I was also Addicted to YouTube. But i fixed it

Becoming addicted to YouTube is no joke. At first, you’re watching a few random videos here and there, and after some time, you realize that you can’t think of anything but getting to your computerand all the interesting stuff you could be watching. YouTube overuse can turn into a serious behavioral addiction, and begin to affect your life in negative ways.

I am telling all these things on the basis of experience because I myself have suffered from YouTube addiction.

Really ?

Youtube Addiction

The video-sharing website has garnered millions of followers all over the world, for only a very short time. With so many videos to watch you can’t help but spend the rest of your day doing nothing else but that.Now just imagine how it can affect us personally. You can no longer complete your tasks, you spend less time on productive activities, and you may even distance yourself from your loved ones. It’s not really surprising that you’ll end up suffering from depression and a lot of stress later.[Personal Experience]

Now the issue is how to get rid of it .

Set yourself a specific time of the day to watch YouTube

Let’s say you choose [6-7 pm]. The time itself does not matter. What matters is that it fits well into your lifestyle.One hour is enough. It is important that you do not extend this time window. This will teach you to choose your videos wisely while getting rid of all the unnecessary bullshit. (If a video is longer than one hour, you will watch it over the course of multiple days.)Also, it does not matter what kind of videos you prefer. No video on earth can replace the necessity of going outside, becoming active, productive, creative, and making your own experiences.

Find a different hobby

Finding something else todo that will take your mind off all those oh-so-watchable videos is ideal.

Arts and crafts.

You’ll find that making stuff, even if it’s just silly paper mache sculptures or origami, will not only help relieve your need for endless video gratification, but will make you feelmuch more fulfilled.

Painting or drawing

Creating is positive; watching endless videos is not. You can gain a sense of real fulfillment by engaging in creative arts, while simultaneously removing yourself from the situation (i.e. having nothing better to do, or even having a void in your life) that is causing your video addiction.

Establish internet-free zones

When you’re addicted to a something on the web, such as YouTube, it’s a good idea to implement areas in your daily life that are completely free from the internet, or even better, all tech.

Avoid Smartphone

Leave the phone or tablet at home when you’re going out for a hike or a walk around the lake. Even though we think we’re doing something solely outdoors or generally active, there are usually still opportunities, even, say, camping, forlogging on for some of those addictive videos.

Carry Some Books

When you go to lunch at work, take a magazine or book to the cafe instead of your tablet; even ifyou’re planning to read a book on that Kindle Fire, it’s way too easy to start browsing the videos as well.

No excuses

Youtube Addiction

Do not make excuses. No matter how much you might learn from a video or how urgently you need a certain information. It can always wait, and it never requires more than one hour per day. Real life trumps everything.Imagine you have recently discovered a YouTuber whose videos you find inspiring. What exactly does he inspire you to do? To watch more and more of his videos or to actually do stuff? In the latter case, there is no problem: you turn off YouTube and turn your inspiration into action.

In the former case, however, you are not truly inspired, but you areconfusing inspiration with entertainment.Another case is music. If you must mildly distract yourself with background music while you are working or writing an essay, do not use YouTube for that purpose. Rather, get an app or device that playsonly music.Ok, enough of this…

Go on a tech vacation.

There are actually camps where you can go with the sole purpose of freeing yourself from the need for internet, networking, and social media.

Getting out and having a week or even a day or two with absolutely no access can be great for breaking the cycle.

Getting completely away from the ability to feed your addiction can help you control your use, rather than having to live completely tech-free.

Get computer work done first

Within your allotted computer time, make sure you take carebusiness first, before going on to YouTube videos. One of the benefits of breaking your addiction is that you will be in control of your time- rather than your addiction being in control of you.

Get time management software. There are programs available that can track your time spent on different applications, so you can have an accurate idea of what you’re spending the most time doing (or not doing).

Use an internet nanny service, such as Net Nanny or K9 web protection. These are parental control programs which can set blocks on certain websites, or control the amount of time certain applications are available each day.

Use the internet to further yourself, rather than getting swept up in entertainment for instant gratification. The internet is a gold mine of current information, history, and every other kind of knowledge there is. Use it to learn.

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  • September 15, 2020

    I’m also addicted person . very Useful article for me


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