How to Make Dynamic Website using WordPress

Now Days Making Website is not a big deal. You can create your Website using WordPress and any site Builder tools. But You won’t get attractive and Dynamic Website . Here I’m Going to describe about the tools,Plugins and Some Cool advice by which you can convert your website in attractive and Dynamic Website.


Word press is a very Powerful Platform for Designing Your Website. You Can Easily install WordPress in your Hosting using One-Click Installer.WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful and dynamic blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.

How To start :

->Choose Simple Theme( Default is always Good)

->Install Plugins

->Setup SSL ( Very Important)

->Use content delivery network (optional)

Theme Selection:

Theme Selection

Start With Default Theme. Don’t Go with any Premium Theme Now. Theme Selection is a First step to Setup Professional and Dynamic Website. We always Look for Premium and Colorful theme but believe me Default theme (Twenty Seventeen) is good Option.After selecting the theme, consider what kind of website you want to create. Suppose you want to create a blog. You do not need to do much here. You just have to do some professional-like steps here. To run a blog successfully, it is necessary to have good content and to reach that content to Audience, you will have to pay attention to it as well. Now I am going to tell you some important things that will make your blog good and attractive.

What needs to be done to run a blog using WordPress?


Good Content – Good content is very necessary for a blog. First of all, you have to select a niche so that you can be easy to target the audience. You have to take care that your content is not duplicated. Because people believe in original, not fake. For this you can use our tool. A professional blogger pays a lot of attention to its content because your way of writing gives you a different identity.

Optimize Images – Now you might be wondering why I am talking about customization photos. Along with good content, photo is also very important for blogging. But the importance of optimized photo is more than simple photo. After optimization, the size of your photo is reduced so that the user can quickly download and view the photo without any interruptions. These small things make your blog attractive and popular.

Website Speed – Your blog depends on the server speed. If you use a heavier theme then the speed of your website will slow down, so I recommend using the default theme. If you are running your website through WordPress, then you will notice that you do not use more plugins. The more you use the plugin, the more the workload of your website will increase. Which will directly affect the speed of your website. You can check the speed of your website through Google Page Speed Insight. If your website is running slow, you can contact me. I’ll give your website good momentum.

Social Share – We use social media to make our content reach more and more people. On WordPress you have been given a separate facility for this. Just install any plugin named Auto Post and setup it. Then whenever you upload a new article, your article will be automatically posted on your social account. Do not forget to execute social buttons like Like, Comment and Share in your blog.

Newsletter – Newsletter is being used more and more nowadays. This option has been given in WordPress. But you can download a custom plugin and use it as a popup window on your website. The newsletter is nothing but you can send notifications to your user through this email. Now you have made a good blog, now you are looking for a visitor.


Search Engine Optimization – seo is very important for any website. Through seo you can make your website popular. Whenever we search something on Google or on any search engine, we get to see a lot of results. Whoever sees us first means that the seo of that website has been done very well. Suppose the seo of your blog is very good. Now if I search anything related to your blog, I will see your blog at the top of the list page of Google. From this you can get an idea how important Seo is.

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