How these devices has trapped your mind ?

devices has trapped your mind –

Nowadays we are so surrounded by technology that now there is little hope of making a comeback. Along with our body, now our mind is also becoming sluggish and do not want to do much. Because our mind is also dependent on technology and Gadgets.

How smartphone dangerous for brain

Let me explain you by giving an example – This morning I went to the market to get some groceries . Not much, 4-5 were on my list. On reaching the grocery store, I forgot an item of the list . “Thank God” that I saved all the items in my phone.

Two aspects emerge here. First, the smartphone is so helpful to the people and second is how dependent we have become on the smartphone. If I talk, there were only 5 items on my grocery list and I forgot one of them. And this happens not only with me, but almost with people .

We have become so dependent on smartphones that our mind does not want to focus too much. Research has found that the human brain has about 2.5 petabytes storage capacity. But here we are still addicted to a 256 gigabytes storage device.

If we analyze it, we will find that we are weakening ourselves whether it is physical or mental.

Sometimes I wonder how a mother silences her crying baby by giving their smartphone ?. The problem starts with this. This is where the child’s brain and phone fight begin. If his brain wins, it uses the phone to develop himself. And if the brain loses, it starts to slack off.



Let me tell you some more facts :

Don’t you sleep at night?

Using your smartphone or tablet at bedtime might be interfering with your sleep, and not because you’re staying up late to check your email, scroll through your Facebook news feed, or play a game of Trivia Crack. Instead, some sleep experts warn, it is the type of light emitted from your mobile device’s screen that might just be messing up your sleep cycle, even after you turn off your device.Now tell me, am I wrong?

Check your behavior

Generally, it has been found in many people that their behavior changes when they get less like or comment on social media. Due to which he could not follow his daily routine. After a long time, such problems become serious. Therefore, we should not get addicted to anything more than a limit.

Well there are many facts that can be discussed but I am not going to do that long

Consider this Digital Era. If you don’t change yourself, slowly you will start moving towards your downfall.

Now let’s talk about how to restart your body and mind.

Repair your body and mind gradually


There is a very good saying that diamond cuts diamond . In the same way the phone will have to be used to eliminate the dependency of the phone but very wisely

Use Digital Well-being or Screen time

Android is ready with a devoted feature to track your telephone usage, dubbed as virtual well-being. The usage of it, you may manage notifications, set timers for applications that you’ve been spending most of the time on, configure Do-no longer disturb, and toggle the Wind Down mode to assist disconnect at night time.

It offers you a detailed evaluate of your virtual conduct, which includes how frequently unique apps are used, how often you take a look at your telephone, and what’s the frequency of notifications. You also get to look the average weekly and monthly time you’re losing to your cellphone.

Hence, you could reveal your utilization and attain higher display time management. Apple offers a comparable feature referred to as display Time on iOS.

Don’t Upload on Social Media

The more you upload on social media, the greater you’ll be curious to realize the engagement and interactions acquired in your posts, testimonies, or reputation updates. This can make you take a look at your telephone more regularly than ordinary. Now not handiest that, add the time required in wonderful everybody’s remarks and queries.

Encourage your real life hobby

Rather than playing video games or watching films at the same time as lying at the bed, focus on building yourself. If yoga isn’t your cup of tea, strive doing a little bodily workout or play outside games like cricket, tennis, and so on. If that too isn’t always viable, then biking or easy jogging might do the task.

devices has trapped your mind –


Given the present day scenario, it’s hard for humans to move outdoors. Yet, you can try things like cooking, painting, playing guitar, cleaning your home, reading books, and extra. These subtle changes on your day by day routine assist you to cure your cellphone addiction.

how to improve your self confidence


If you have repaired yourself, now pay attention to the upgrade. How to upgrade brain function ?

let’s talk about Process :

1. Learning something new is a great way to build up brain function.

2. Become aware of the voices in your head that focus on what you can”t do — those automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) — and start talking back to them.
When you find yourself thinking, “I always mess up this sort of thing”, counter it with, “Just because I haven’t always been good at this in the past doesn’t mean I can’t be great at it now”.

3. Take a second to put in writing down the negative aspects of not training your brain. Subsequent, write down the advantages you will have when your brain is trained, consisting of, “I’ll be able to examine with confidence”.

4. Create a healthy habit on the way to lead you to success. It could be some thing like exercise each day or quitting snacking. And smash it down into small, simple steps.

5. Always remember MOM because MOM (motivation, observation, methods) will boost your memory.
If staying away from the phone is getting too difficult for you, then why not use it for productive things like reading e-books, blogs, or anything that’ll improve your knowledge or skillset.

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