How Indian Education system is responsible for unemployment, corruption, poverty, Rape ?

India is a great country. The culture of this country is very ancient.

Many warriors were born here whose stories have become immortal today.
Today we are in modern India where everything has changed. Rape, theft, poverty, unemployment, hypocrisy, all these are the main problems of New India.

Now the question arises in the mind that how India with such a glorious history has fallen so deeply today. It is not that all these incidents did not happen before, forcibly, theft, but how suddenly all these incidents have increased in this new India.

After all, who is responsible for this? , As far as I understand, today the education system is responsible for all these cases.

How Indian Education system is responsible for unemployment, corruption, poverty, Rape ?

After independence, the leaders of India, the law here did not manage India properly. Today the result of that is that we are surrounded by poverty, unemployment, bribery and all these things.

If you read this article of mine well then you will find how everything is connected to each other.


How Indian Education system is responsible for Poverty

Today, India is fighting poverty. Why? Because unemployment is very high here.

If people do not have jobs, then poverty will increase. Now to remove poverty first unemployment has to be removed. But now it is not so easy because already the management of the country was in the wrong hands from beginning.


How Indian Education system is responsible for Unemployment

Unemployment is also a big problem for India. I have personally met many people who have such skills that the industry needs, a department needs, but then they are unemployed. Why so ? Because India is stuck in the trap of reservation.

Here if you are the beneficiary of reservation, then you be assured that you will not remain unemployed.

Unskilled people have entered the system through reservation but they are not skilled in their work, due to which government system is considered bad in our country today and We blame that no work is done in the government office in the manner.

Reservation is a major obstacle to development of India.
Instead of reservation, they should be provided with the facility of good education so that such people can study well and get jobs on the basis of merit, not with reservation .

Everyone has the right to good education. If our education system was good from the beginning, today our country would not need reservation.

Crime and Rape

How Indian Education system is responsible for Rape

Crime has also increased in our country due to unemployment and poverty. People are going on wrong path to eradicate poverty. Therefore, we can see all these incidents of theft, robbery, extortion.

Now you are wondering why the cases of rape have increased? So it has no meaning with poverty and unemployment.

The main reason for this is the dirty mindset and our education system. If sex education had been promoted, rape cases would have been less. Because right education makes our brain mature too.

How Indian Education system is responsible for rape

The government has never worked on sex education in India And it’s a misfortune.

India is stuck in a cycle of poverty, unemployment and crime.

And it is a big hurdle in India’s development. I think that a good education system is very important for the development of our country.

What’s your opinion? Comment .

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  • October 5, 2020

    What are the changes you propose in the new education policy? Actually government asked for the ideas or reviews ,so just asking…


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