Cyberpunk 2077 : How realistic is it ?

With “The Witcher 3” CD Project Red proved that porting a PC hit works for the Switch. But what are the probabilities of playing “Cyberpunk 2077” on your handheld? the primary testers of the press were allowed to play “Cyberpunk 2077” long before the release , but only on Playstation, Xbox or PC. With “The Witcher 3″, the Polish developer studio has already proven that it can port an in depth role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch *. Nevertheless, there’s no commitment to implementing ” Cyberpunk 2077 ” for the Switch.

Cyberpunk 2077: Microtransactions are bad, DLCs are a decent idea

In an interview with Gamespot , Marmais also answered the question of what’s planned for “Cyberpunk 2077” after the release. “Witcher 3” and free DLC also as paid add-ons have had good experience. He sees no reason why this could not be continued. “We’re not talking about it yet, but it seems that this would be the way to go,” said Marmais. There should even be a multiplayer mode – but this will probably only be available one year after the release. in addition, the developers forbid themselves to speak of a “mode”. The multiplayer should be understood as a standalone game.

The topic of microtransactions was also discussed. After a game is released , these are a nasty idea , but they’re very profitable. “But if everyone hates it, why should we do this and lose the goodwill of our customers,” Marmais noted. “Cyberpunk 2077” was originally supposed to be released on April 16, 2020 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. When asked how certain he’s that CD Projekt Red will meet the release date, Marmais said tons of individuals have an honest feeling. Some would be afraid of it. this is a traditional mixture of feelings in the studio. In March 2020 the first bad news came: CD Projekt Red postponed the release date to september 17, 2020. But this date didn’t delay either. After several postponements, It finally released.

In Cyberpunk 2077 you assemble your character V yourself within the editor.

Cyberpunk 2077: how the character editor works

While Geralt prefers to cut his monsters with a gray-haired beard, V doesn’t like to commit himself. The character in Cyberpunk 2077 can be a hero or heroine, dress up as a dark corporation or freaky street kid punk. Green hair is combined with glowing red eyeballs, the face is plastered with tattoos and even your own genitals are optimized at the touch of a button.

But what kind of character editor does the role-play offer in detail? What options are there and what’s still impossible with all the diversity? I played cyberpunk and will introduce you to the customization options for V in more detail in order that you do not waste tens of hours building the right character.

Do you even see yourself in the game?

Speaking of squandering, good point! Cyberpunk 2077 is played almost exclusively from the first person perspective. similar to Skyrim, you rarely see your self-made figure. In between, only a motorbike ride from the optional third-person perspective will remind you of your look or you risk a look at V in the inventory screen and typically close the menu again quickly – currently the garments depend heavily on their stats, your mercenary or yours Mercenary usually looks like she’s stealing her wardrobe at flea markets.

You can read more about it – and of course all the other gameplay details in the role-playing game, be it hacking and sneaking, crafting, shooter passages, decisions or even fiery romances in Dimi’s extensive (and spoiler-free) test: But Cyberpunk 2077 is a role-playing game and that often includes slipping into a certain role and decorating it optically . So you shouldn’t ignore the editor despite the first-person view, because it offers a lot of cool customization options. If not quite as many as one would expect from a game about body modification and transhumanism.

Right at the start of the game, you first choose your path in life – whether nomad, street kid or corporation suits you, you can find out here in the GameStar quiz:
Then you choose not only the level of difficulty, but also the gender of your figure – at least its basis, genitals and voice can then be changed. Incidentally, different body types do not exist, V always has the same slim standard figure.

Face – upper half: skin, hair, eyes

  • For men and women there are three presets with pre-designed heads to choose from, as well as a fourth variant that is generated randomly.
  • You can switch your voice independently between “male” and “female”.
  • Twelve basic tones are available for the skin , as well as five skin types with different redness, pigment spots or impurities
  • Hair: 39 different hairstyles are available on the male and female side, depending on the gender of the body base. You can’t give a male V a woman’s hairstyle, but other feminine features can.
  • You can choose the hair color from 24 variants, ranging from brown, blonde or black to more daring tones like pink or a gradient from Caribbean ocean turquoise to night blue.
  • You can choose eyes from a total of 21 presets that set different sizes, angles and distances for your organs of vision.
  • For the eye color , nine normal iris colors are then available (okay, as normal as red and purple can be), as well as the same with red veins in the background and finally crazy cyberware eyes. Here you
  • choose between bright red spirals, demonic cat eyes or hearts, if you want to spread a little love in the gloomy Night City.
  • Brow: Your choice is framed by eight eyebrow presets, which you can brush onto your forehead in eight colors.

Face – lower half: nose, mouth, chin, ears, beard

  • Nose: You are allowed to screw 21 differently sized and differently shaped prongs into your face, including smaller hooks or knobs – but completely crazy olfactory organs do not expect you.
  • Mouth: It looks similar with the mouths. Sometimes the lips are narrow, sometimes thick, sometimes the mouth large and wide, sometimes small and round. Here too, 21 variants offer variety.
  • Chin: The changes to the 21 jaw models are also comparatively subtle. Vs head is sometimes pointed, sometimes angular, sometimes round and chubby. You do not fall back on half-unscrewed cyber jaws and other future technologies.
  • Ears: You already guessed it: under the 21 ears there are pointed, protruding, round or close-fitting specimens, but no modified robotic eavesdroppers or stolen cat ears.
  • Beard: From a three-day beard to “ten years without a razor outside of civilization”, you can choose between twelve beard variants if necessary. The facial hair can also be spruced up with 24 different colors up to neon tones. Incidentally, the female V does not have a beard.
  • Face – cyberware, scars, make-up, piercings, teeth
  • Cyberware: You do without it completely or choose from eight metal embellishments for your visage. In contrast to the cyberware in the Ripperdoc , they only provide visual improvements. You can read here how you can playfully upgrade your V:
  • Scars are also mainly used for your personal coolness factor. There are ten sets to click through here.
  • Face tattoos: Even if his or her mother might not be enthusiastic, V can embellish the neck, chin, cheeks and forehead with ink – in eleven variants from roses to scribbles.
  • Piercings: Of course, ears, nose, eyebrows or lips are not safe in a world full of metal. Piercings come in 16 variants and different colors.
  • Teeth: Even your teeth can be colored, V smiles entirely in gold – or pink, if you wish.
  • Make-up: For men and women, the eyes can be embellished with eight make-up styles and also accentuated in different colors. The lips and even the cheeks can also be made up accordingly and contrasted in color. In addition, you can V miss small blemishes such as birthmarks.
  • Body: fingernails, tattoos, scars, chest, genitals
  • Breast: Men can turn their nipples on and off. Women choose between “exposed” and slightly smaller or larger nipples. The size of the breasts can also be switched between small, standard and large.
  • Tattoos: You can choose from five large body tattoos .
  • Scarring: When it comes to body scars, you can choose between two sets, but they only make a subtle difference overall – especially if you are already using other body paints.
    Genitals are exhibited by default (V wears underwear). But if you want, you can display it and adjust it. Regardless of the feminine or masculine framework, you can switch on male or female genitals and choose between small, standard and large for the former. The pubic hair and the color of the hair can also be adjusted. In the game, however, you only notice this if you let camera angles look down on you in sex scenes.

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