Can’t take the perfect picture from your smartphone camera ? Use this trick.

How to take the perfect picture from your smartphone? These questions are still being asked in various forums.

You always try to take good photos from your phone but still do not take a good one. What will you do so that your photos stay with perfection?

How to take the perfect picture

To take a good picture, it is not just the camera lens but you also need a good background, perfect lighting, a table, a focus mind, and a little creativity.

The background

The better your background, the sharper your picture will be. First, set your background. Use natural background as much possible.


If you are capturing object photo then utilizes a Table so that your product sits higher,which will make it easier for you to photograph your product during the Photoshoot.


There are many options for lighting,but the easiest and most budget-friendly option to use is natural window light.Set Your Product near Window or Use Natural Light for Portrait Photoshoot. If Natural Light is difficult you to find,try using a large lamp or large Lighting kit depending on Your Photo.

Image Stabilization Equipment

Using Background and Light you Can Capture images Soft and Beautiful,but it often creates the need for image Stabilization equipment such as Tripod or a Stand. Although Smartphone cameras do contain internal image Stabilization software,there will still be camera shake if you hand-hold your phone,resulting in blurry images.So Always Use Image Stabilization Tools for Actual sharp Images.

perfect picture


You Can Buy External Lens For best Focusing Photoshoot. If you want to zoom in closer to your product and create a macro product image,External lens is very useful for this type of picture, buy External Lens From Amazon,eBay etc.

Choosing The Right App

There’re lots of camera app in Android Market(Beware of malicious apps). I recommend that you can start by consulting professional app reviews about which apps are the best right now. However the system camera app is also a good option.

Adjust Your Camera Settings

More Resolution means perfect HD pictures. Always set your resolution high. Use HDR and Manual Focus tool for better stability. Adjust your Contrast,brightness,sharpness and saturation to normal. If your phone’s camera has exposure setting then you should use ‘center weighted’ option here. Double check your Anti Banding option, It should be on higher value.


The quality of the picture depends on the phone’s camera. But even if your phone is in the middle range and you are still unable to capture a good picture, then this article will be very helpful for you.

How to take the perfect picture

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