Are you using LinkedIn in Wrong Way ?

FeelIng bad for LinkedIn. I think it’s one of the least understood tools and systems within the contemporary digital world.
Maybe I’m also using it wrong. although I want to tell you through what I see as the value and possibility for using LinkedIn on your commercial enterprise hobbies.

How to utilize LinkedIn more effectively

Basically, LinkedIn is a talent and skills discovery program. I’m sure that you are on LinkedIn. When User bulid their profile on LinkedIn, the intent of that action is that people will review that profile,capabilities and experiences.

Apart from Profile, LinkedIn also gives you a feature of publishing article, information, links and most valuable you know,  videos.

Publishing features and their importance

I think most people don’t fully recognize the motive of the opportunity to share. This is a talent and skills discovery platform. If I share a an article about the next movie of Leonardo De caprio  , what am I telling a potential business connection? I’m just telling you what I find interesting. At most, I’m distracting your stream with creep informations and articles.

What should I Post on LinkedIn

Tell such thing to the people that highlights your areas of professional interest. Share articles that highlights your capabilities. Share information that better describe your overall personality.

The intent of posting and sharing anything is to extend the story of your capabilities so that people might assess their business purpose for connecting with you. That should be the real guide post for what you share.

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What about the Connection

LinkedIn connectionMy connection theory has changed dramatically over the last several month. I were doing mistakes. In the past, I used to connect with anyone. Why not?  But now, I have a little different criteria:

I connect with professionals I hope to make business with – prospects

I connect with professionals I know their skills and capacities well enough to refer them –  Reference

I connect with experts because I like their works – Ideal

That’s my strategy . Yours might be Different.

Don’t Connect with

Don’t connect with your Daily friends. Maybe he is also profesional and his skills are also very good but still you should not connect with them. Maybe you are a student or a corporate experienced individual. You should always keep in mind that your image should be made on LinkedIn like a professional , not as a normal individual.

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LinkedIn is nothing but software

LinkedIn Software
I feel that folks get emotional around social networks. They equate “connection” during a piece of software with value judgments.

If I don’t connect with you, it must mean I don’t like you or value you professionally. That’s the perception some people seem to possess .

That’s important for people to look at in themselves. If a piece of software is how you’re determining your self-worth, or if your perception of how you think that I value you is driving your self-worth, that’s probably a problem worth considering. LinkedIn is simply software. Use it or don’t and look for value or don’t. seek for a way to create it work for you because I feel it’s pretty darned valuable. Just try your best to not stumble in there and expect it to yield anything.

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